Transcend is FREE this week!

I don't usually post on Monday. But, I wanted to hop on the blog to talk about my book Transcend, FREE on Kindle this week. 

I wrote Transcend at a time when I was wrestling with the darkest of emotions - extreme grief. I had just lost my mom and was pretty convinced that I would never write or do anything artistic again. Transcend was born from the misery.

The story is dark, confusing and raw. Here is what one reviewer had to say about it:

"Wow. Wow. Wow. Transcend is one of the best books I have read all year, if not the best one to date. Transcend took me on quite the journey filling my mind with a classic horror tale of pain, hurt, sorrow, love, and confusion. I LOVED this authors writing style ( obviously having done her research)... I was led to feel what the main character was feeling, I was led to believe what was written on the pages not knowing the truth until the very end! The characters were well thought out, and developed. The plot was different and not your average run of the mill story line. I couldn't believe how the story fell together, I was bringing to think of myself as the crazy one! The mood set.. The descriptives used... The anger.. The love.. The obsession.. Oh man! Can I read it again?" ~ Ashley Cestra, Amazon Reviewer

If you like dark tales of romance, sorrow, loss, and pain, please download your free Kindle copy today. And let me know your thoughts.


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