Living An Artistic Life of Passion and Purpose - Part 2: My Story

A week ago or so, I posted about the importance of passion and purpose to the artistic life. This time, I want to get personal. Building on Tuesday's post, I want to talk about another journey I've taken in my search for creative fulfillment.

As many of you know, I used to work a very challenging day job that often results in high levels of stress. There are times when my day job interferes with my ability to create, times when my creative well runs dry. It’s understandable. I write the equivalent of 40 to 50 novels each year. Except, these aren’t my books—they are reports and other types of documents needed for the job. Continually creating at that level proved exhausting. The more tired I was, the more my art suffered, the more resentment I started to feel. Instead of diving into stories as a way to process and nurture myself, I detached and hide.

So much for living from my passions.

After a few years of this kind of tug-of-war between my life as an artist and my life as the psychologist, I needed to make a change. Unwilling to give up my personal creative endeavors, and not in a position to give up my daily paycheck, I had to find a way to align my purpose and passions my daily work and my artistic endeavors. It is from this place that my coaching business began, and I started to find more peace.

In this process, I discovered that I enjoy helping others find their authentic voice. I love humanity in general, and I love exploring all of the different ways human beings are impacted by fear, their shadows, and intensities. My art, the novels I write, enabled me to explore some of these aspects of humanity. So did my day job. I was living my passion and purpose far more than I had realized.
It turned out that the two aspects of my work were not at odds, as I had thought. They were complimentary. All of the sudden, my daily work was exciting. It was in alignment with my purpose and passion. The problem wasn’t the work at all. It was the balance between everything. 

A few years later, I switched careers. My goal was to have more time to create and coach. Although this isn't exactly how things have played out, I have learned a lot more about balance, my need to create and living a life of passion and purpose.

Now, I am focused on how I feel when I live in balance and how to create more of that in my life. Next week I will talk more about living from your center and building a life in tune with yourself. 

Until then, are you living a life of passion and purpose?


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