Living An Artistic Life Of Passion and Purpose - Pt 1

One of my favorite lessons in achieving your dreams comes from Dr. Randy Pausch’s, Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams. In case you’ve never heard of Dr. Randy Pausch, he was a professor at Carnegie Mellon, who died from cancer. Before he passed away, he gave a lecture that was part of the “Last Lecture” series. Dr. Pausch then reprised this talk at various times, including on the Oprah show. The theme of his lectures was one of hope and purpose. The overall message—you choose how you live your life. Yes, you will be dealt certain things you can’t change. But what you do with those cards, that is up to you (Pausch, 2008).

Far from the reflections of a dying man, Dr. Pausch spoke the words he wanted his children to hear: words about finding your passion, living your truth from a place of excitement and vibrancy, and existing in such a way as to add to our collective human experience. Doing these things, he believed, will draw your dreams to you.

Throughout both the lecture and the book that was later written, Dr. Pausch’s message of living life to the fullest jumps from the screen and page. We don’t have the time we think we have. We don’t have the luxury to waste what we’ve been given.

Why do I bring up this lecture? Simple—you don’t have time to wait to be the artist you want to be. You don’t have time to wait to live a life of purpose and passion. And if you discover that you are procrastinating, waiting to live the life you want, you need to ask yourself why -

Why are you waiting for life to happen?

Why are you sitting on the sidelines in hopes that your passion will magically find you?

Your answers to these questions will show you how the fear I spoke of previously currently exists in your life. Your answers will guide your focus and help you find a path through the muck, toward your passions.

Next week I'll dive into my experience with living a creative life and finding my passion. Until then, what are your passions and purpose? And how do these things manifest in your art?

PS - If you missed Randy Pausch's Oprah appearance, I thought you'd like to take a peek...


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