A Storyteller Returns...

Hi! I am so excited to announce that I am back. No really - I am back, and so is the blog. After a 15+ -  month hiatus, the urge to revamp the blog has returned.

Why, you might ask, do I want to come back to blogging? The short answer  - I miss the connection and the daily writing practice blogging forced me to engage in.

The long answer is a tad more complicated, as you'd likely imagine. Over the last year, I've toyed with the idea of walking away from fiction altogether. I mean, I am busy, my fiction sales are "meh" at best, and I started thinking that maybe I needed to concentrate exclusively on my fiction and let the whole fiction thing just die. I mean, not everyone is a storyteller, right? Maybe this just wasn't for me.

I suppose all authors go through this from time to time, the deep contemplation about whether or not you are "supposed" to be doing this. Or at least, I know I go through this periodically.

The truth is, I had lost my confidence and the spark that had kept me writing for the previous ten years. This past year enabled me to dive deep into what being a storyteller means to me, what writing means and examine my why.

Guess what - when I really pushed myself on this topic and pushed past the fear and the self-doubt, one definite thing remained...

I am a storyteller. Period.

I want to say that again...only louder....


WOW! That felt good. For a long time, I didn't understand what being a storyteller meant to me; I couldn't put into words what the urge to create, to connect with the human condition through the art of stories, meant. It wasn't until I tried to walk away from it that I understood...

I can't.

The further away I tried to go, the more characters returned to whisper their tales in my ear. The more I denied, the more my heart hurt at the idea of not creating. The more I watched my children engage in the arts, the more I knew that storytelling, writing fiction, creating - these were as important as air to me.

So, I am doing the only thing I can in the face of this...write. And blog. And build back my readership. And create...always create. That's the beauty of our artistic muse...it is forever waiting for us to return.

I have big plans now that I'm back - new stories to write, different genres to explore. I have taken a few craft classes recently and will be taking more. It is exciting to be back...really really back!

I hope you will join me now that I am back. I hope that you will hang out and get to know me, tell me stuff about you, and play with me in the land of stories.

Will you?


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