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As some of you may know, I am spending the next few days at SLCC, hanging out at a booth and signing a few books. This is not my first con (I go to SDCC every year), but it is the first time I am signing books at a con. It's been great. I am surrounded with readers, writers, artists and some of the best cosplay I have seen yet.

What really makes this con special for me, though, has been watching a few readers come up to our table and fangirl over one of the author's I am with. I don't know if you realize how much we love our readers...but yesterday I was able to see how uplifted a friend of mine was when a reader came by and nearly lost it when she found out THE AUTHOR of a book she loved was in front of her.

This wasn't me or my books - it was Ali Cross and her book, Become. Ali was a gracious host and spent time with the girl, talking about the story and the con. In the end, the girl got the rest of the series, which Ali personalized for her. The exchange reminded me of all of the reasons most writers write.

After the girl left, Ali commented that she wasn't just thrilled with all the fangirling (who wouldn't be), but she was touched by the fact that the reader really knew the story - she had connected to it on a highly personal level, something that meant more to Ali than anything else.

Which reminded me of another reason I write - to connect with others. Deeply.

I've never been a hugely social person. I'm not shy, at least not now, but I don't typically feel social adept. Connecting with others through my writing is meaningful to me. When I get feedback from a reader about my books and I can see how much they understood what I was trying to do - that's AMAZING! It keeps me going and is one of the things I love most about writing.

Ali's fangirling experience wasn't the only moment we enjoyed yesterday. I meant a girl who's read and reviewed my books for the last 6 years - She was shocked when I remembered her name. I meant new readers who gobbled up my books. And I got to watch several young teens go crazy over Ali and Mikey Brooks series. It was fun and exciting.

Can't wait to start today!

Do you go to cons and meet writers, artists, and others? Do you love it as I do?


  1. I have never been to a convention--I am not comfortable in crowds. But on those occasions when I've participated in group book signings, it was pretty encouraging to have people gush over a book I wrote.

  2. Nothing beats meeting readers and writers in person. How great to be able to do that talk to those who enjoy what you write.


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