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Things are happening! 

I am working on a complete relaunch of my fiction. What does that mean? I am recovering, editing, and, in some cases, adding new scenes to all of my fiction works.

First up - 
Transcend! It's getting a breath-taking new cover and is being released in audio book format. The narrator, Ian Gordon, is amazing. Everything should be ready for a grant re-release in late November.

After that, the Solomon Experiments will be finished, with books 2 and 3 expecting to release in early 2016. The books, including Collide, are getting a stunning new look, as well as audio book production. I anticipate the releases to be monthly, starting in January with a re-release of Collide. The Requiem Series will also get an amazing overhaul, with new covers, new titles and greatly expanded stories for books 2 and 3. My goal is starting the releases in Spring, right after the Solomon Experiments.

In addition to the relaunches, I have several new stories in various stages of completion.
 It is an exciting time!

To start things off, I want to offer exclusive material to my newsletter readers - my way of thanking you for your readership. So, I'll be sending a new short story each week for the several weeks leading up to the re-release of Transcend. These are short, stand-along stories delivered to your mailbox every Wednesday for the next month.

NOT SIGNED UP? You can sign up now to get in on the fun! CLICK HERE

Oh, and be sure to come by the blog every day this week. I'll be giving away copies of COLLIDE as part of the Crossroads 2015 blog tour. You won't want to miss out on the fun!


  1. all the best of luck looking forward to reading it

  2. all the best of luck looking forward to reading it


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