Do you dream in color?

Those of you who know me know that I like to write vivid scenes. There is a simple reason for this - most of my books start off as dreams. Not the flat, black/white dreams most people think of when then think of dreaming. But Blockbuster, Full-Action, Movies that play in an endless loop in my head. Stories so full and real it takes me a minute after I've woken up to realize they were a dream.

Most of my dreaming happens at night. But when I am working on a particular piece, the scenes pop into my daydreams as well. In fact, every one of my books has had at least one of the scenes play out in my dreams first. I could be sitting at my desk, or more often in my car, thinking about nothing in particular when...
I am transported into a daydream ripped from my current WIP. It is in this state that I generally solve the nagging questions, get myself out of plot traps, or discover new, deeper, levels to the story.

Over the past several months, I have not had these dreams - at night or in the day. I haven't written, nor been inspired, nor given much thought to my fiction. That changed a week ago. I had a powerful dream about me, the writer. I was encouraged to push forward. Shortly after that dream, my daydreams returned. And I am beginning to chip away at my blockage.

The dreams aren't as vivid yet, or as intense. But based on the thoughts trolling through my head as I write this blog post, I can see that my days of not writing are coming to an end.

And I am thrilled!!!

I end this post as I started it - asking you this:

Do you dream in color? Do your dreams influence your stories in some way?


  1. Yes, I dream in color. I didn't know until adulthood how very, very rare this was. I thought everyone dreamed in color.

    1. I used to think everyone did as well! What I surprise when I learned that wasn't true. Thanks for stopping by Michelle


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