Feeling Rejuvenated!

I've been gone for a long time. In truth, I have been trying to decide what blogging means to me. Heck, what writing means to me. In the process, I've changed my day-job, pulling that part of myself more into alignment with the things that are important to me. I've also freed up time for writing, blogging, etc. In short, I've been going through a ton of change.

All good, I assure you. But something that has taken quite a bit of time and contemplation. In the end, I think I have figured out the "why" behind my writing and coaching careers - something I've been searching for. 

More on that in future posts. This post is simply to say I'm back. My goal is to post with more regularity - 1-3 times/weekly depending on what is going on in my life. In addition, I am sharing links about creativity and writing daily on my Facebook author page. If you aren't following it, you may want to go and give it a like.

I plan to post my thoughts related to writing, the creative process, inspiration and similar topics. If there are other things you'd like to know about, please leave a little note in the comments. I miss the conversations and connections we shared in the past through this blog and am hoping to reconnect.

Enjoy the week and I can't wait to chat again...


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