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Happy Holidays everyone! I can't believe 2014 is nearly over. And with the new year starting, comes all sorts of excitement. New books, new dreams, new goals. All very exciting.

One of my New Year's goals is to be around the blog a bit more. But, that can't happen until I finish up this month and enjoy time with my family.

As I head back into my writing cave and prepare for a CRAZY SIX MONTHS filled with releases and more, I wanted to share some exciting news...

My next nonfiction book, and the first one being released in 2015, INDIE AND PROUD is available for preorder NOW. You'll be seeing the cover blitz around the web this week, along with a few other cool things.

So what's the book about? Check it out:

You did it! You achieved your dream of writing and publishing your book. You should be happy. Instead you feel trapped in an ever-changing publishing race, stressed over the never-ending to-do list, and frustrated with yourself for continuing to doubt your talents, despite achieving your goals.

Face it, being a creative is difficult, and achieving some measure of success in the business doesn’t make you immune to your own fears and doubts. If anything, your achievements have added even more pressures. Indie and Proud shines a light on those fears and pressures, providing tools to deal with your frustrations and embrace your passions again.

Presented in an easy-to-read, conversational style, the book uses everyday examples and stories from writers and other artists to help artists find and maintain their balance in the exciting world of independent publishing. With specific strategies to address self-doubt, underlying fears, and the truly intense nature of being creative, Indie and Proud is a must read for anyone ready to embrace everything it means to be Indie.

Check out the early praise:

“The information Christine has to share is both brilliant and essential for every indie author. She covers the practical subjects we want to know as well all the things no one wants to talk about; the stress, the doubts and the emotional rollercoasters that we as artists struggle with. Christine will help you deal with it all so you can hold onto your job and love it.”
 – Devri Walls, author of The Solus Series

“I am an indie author, and proud of it. But give me five minutes, and I might not feel quite as confident about it. That's why I'm very grateful for the class, Indie and Proud, that I took from Christine Fonseca. In her class I learned that fear is a part of every day, every new and challenging thing--I can either let the fear disable me, or let it be the driving force to enable me. I'm excited for the book Indie and Proud because it'll be like having that amazing and inspiring class in my pocket every day. I want to be indie and proud all the time--Ms. Fonseca's book is my new favorite reminder that yes, I really can do this!
– Ali Cross, award-winning author of the Become series

To celebrate and say THANK YOU for all of the support over the years, I decided to give everyone who preorders some very special bonus material - a workbook companion to the novel that highlights and expands on all of the special lessons in the book. This is ONLY available to preorders and will be taken down just after the book releases in February.

So, get your book today.


  1. Congrats on this latest one, Christine. Good luck and here's to 2015.


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