2015 is going to be EXCITING!

I have so much to share with all of you! The first 6 months of 2015 brings 5 NEW TITLES in both nonfiction and fiction. Yep, that's right...


Check it out:

  • Indie and Proud (Late Jan/Early Feb) - Coaching for writer's to help you stay creative in the midst of the ever-changing publishing landscape
  • Outbreak, Solomon Experiments #2 (Late Feb) - The anticipated sequel to my Xmen-meets-Bourne Idenity thriller 
  • Raising the Shy Child (March) - Coaching for parents and educators on the ins and outs of Social Anxiety Disorder in children and teens
  • Voca Me, a Requiem Novel (April)- You thought Nesy and Aydan's fate was revealed in Dominus? Think again. This story brings more...MUCH MUCH MORE!
  • I'm More Than Gifted (May) - Affective curriculum for small group and classroom use designed to foster EQ in gifted children
In addition to these, I have a couple of NEW storylines in the works. What an awesome year, yes?

What releases are you looking forward to?


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