Off to SDCC 2014

Headed out for SDCC 2014 later today. While I am excited to see Diana Gabaldon and Veronica Roth (not to mention Debra Driza and Lydia Kang, internet writing buds), I am really going for my daughter. This trip happens to be celebrating her 18th b-day! I know, pretty cool right. So she has made our schedule, planned which things are MOST important for her to see.

Now, let's hope we are able to see them. And no, I have NO problem being one of the millions who spends the night in line for Hall H or Ballroom 20 just for the chance that my kidlet can revel in her fandomness. #proudmomofagreatnerd

See you all on the flip slid. And yes, there will be pictures - of course!


  1. Enjoy. It will be fun to see your daughter enjoying this birthday, I'm sure.


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