Giveaway Winner(s) and The Upcoming Weeks

Happy Sunday all! I can't believe the end of summer is in sight. I am back at work in just over two
weeks, and my daughter is off to college (YIKES) in four. What the heck!

Today I thought I'd announce the giveaway winners and let you all know my focus for the upcoming weeks.

First, the winners:

Congrats to DORIS who won the ebook of Crux by Julie Reece. A big congrats to BETHANY, the grand prize winner of over 38 books and swag!!!! So fun and such a great way to celebrate the scavenger hunt. If you enjoyed it as much as I, be sure to leave a comment and let me know.

Now, the rest of the summer:

The next few weeks are filled with deadlines, Comic Con, birthdays and school stuff. Between it all, I thought I'd get caught up on my book reviews here and on my other blog, An Intense Life. There are so many books I've read lately, ranging from YA to adult to romance to erotica that I would love to share with all of you. Not to mention the countless non-fiction books about gifted children, anxiety disorders, and writing. Time to share my thoughts on it all.
Visit my blogs through out the next two weeks for reviews of it all. And who knows, I need a little bookshelf space so I may be giving a few away!

Finally, a few other announcements and a request for help:

I am planning to release TWO more books this year. Shocking, I know. Not at all certain I can pull it off, but I'm going to try. I'm also going to be speaking and attending as many events as my schedule (writing and personal, not to mention the day job) will allow. It all sounds crazy as I'm writing it, but yeah - that is the plan!
One of my scheduled events is IndieReCon Live. I'll be speaking about the psychology of writing/publishing. Or more accurately, how to find and stay in your happy place no matter where you are on your path. It's an exciting topic for me, and one I'd love your help with. If you are an Indie Author please take a moment and consider being interviewed about your publishing journey to date. If you'd be willing to help me out, complete this form so I can work something out with you. I can't wait to connect and hear your stories.

I finally finished my website. Well, almost finished it. Check it out here: Thoughts? I am pleased with it. I still have another site to design and publish for An Intense Life. That one will be the home of my nonfiction projects and services, including coaching (something a lot of you have asked about) and speaking gigs. Not to mention revamping both blogs. Such an exciting time.

Finally, I mentioned that I am working on my speaking and event calendar for 2014-2015 (yes, my life operates on a school schedule!). If YOU would like to host me for an event, be it a workshop, a book chat, a school visit, or something else, just let me know. I'll be posting more information about events and such soon. Until then, just drop me a line via my website.

I guess that's it for now. Have a great week!


  1. Two books and a few other things? Will you send me your secret sauce? Great good luck to you Christine.

  2. It's called INSANITY! Just saying. LOL


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