Collide Teasers!

Happy Saturday night folks! I hope the weekend is wonderful for all of you. Mine is great - busy, but fab.

What have been working on, you ask? Well, with a release on Monday, and a manuscript due August 1, the real question is "what am I NOT working on?". LOL

Seriously though, I am thrilled to be releasing Collide in a few short days. To get the excitement going, I wanted to show you TWO picture teasers I created for Collide -

The first is a snippet from Dr. LeMercier's journals - he is the head of the Solomon Experiments and you'll find out all about him in Collide

The next one is a little bit of Dakota, the protagonist of Collide.

I don't know about you, but I am certainly EXCITED for this book!

((and ps - Collide is actually NOT available yet. Monday, people. Monday!))


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