Release Day Set!

I did it, I finished the soul-sucking edits of Collide (this round, at any rate). The best thing about it? I can confidently tell all of you that COLLIDE will come out on or about July 7.

But releasing a book is nothing without getting the word out about the release. And that's where YOU come in!!!

I need you're help spreading the word about Collide:

I am planning out a lot of fun for the release week and beyond, including Google hangouts, twitter parties, facebook parties, giveaways of all sorts of books (including PRINT copies of my Requiem series) and more! I hope you plan on joining me for all of it!

I am thrilled about excited to share this with all of you! Can't wait to here your thoughts on the book.

Next up - exciting Nonfiction happenings. But that's for another day...


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