Monday Madness: A gift and more...

Happy Monday everyone. I have been spending the last few weeks contemplating blogging, my brand, and how I want to go forward with regards to my writing, etc. The result - a lot more contemplation!
As I am retouching my brand and deciding the ways in which I want to utilize my web presence, I will still post relevant information here a few days every week - things like author spotlights, pumping up new releases I think you should read, etc.

My goal is to reveal the new whatevers over the next several weeks. Until then, stick around as I am sharing lots of interesting news...

Starting with a little gift:

I've put LACRIMOSA up on Wattpad for a limited time. Already it reached the #2 (or #3 depending on the day) spot for paranormal stories. If you have NOT read it, it's a great story filled with romance, angels and demons.

 Additionally, I have Dies Irae


So check out the Requiem shorts and LACRIMOSA today. And if you like them, review them, vote for them and share them



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