Blog Tour and Review: Ali Cross's Blood Crown and GIVEAWAYS!

I AM SO EXCITED!!!! Today I get to introduce you to Ali Cross's lastest (and my favorite story so far) BLOOD CROWN. But before I tell you my thoughts, here is a little more about the story...

The Blurb:
Androids have claimed power over what remains of the human race. They rule without remorse. They are the Mind and humans exist only to serve them. 

But it wasn't always so.

Before the android uprising, select droids, called Servants, were pivotal in engineering a new human race with nanotechnology enhanced DNA. The Blood Crown theorum was to be humanity's crowning glory and the key to their survival in deep space.

But Serantha, Daughter of the West, was the last female to receive Gifts from her Servant and when the Mind mutinied, she was hidden away, and presumed dead. 

Without Serantha there is no hope of the Blood Crown being realized so Nicolai, Son of the East, abandons his crown to join the rebel forces. He might not provide the future for his people he had once dreamed of, but he will not go down without a fight.

When Nicolai discovers Sera among a small compliment of kitchen staff, everything changes--but Sera's Gifts were never completed and she is ill-equipped to face a legion of androids determined to wipe her, and every other human, out of existence.

Their only hope is the Blood Crown--but even if Serantha and Nicolai can realize their potential it may be too late to save mankind.
Why I liked it:
I really don't know where to start with my love-fest over this book. I've read everything Ali has written, from her DESOLATION series to JUMP BOYS, and I love her work. Even with all the high expectations I had, BLOOD CROWN blew me away! It is, simply, the best I've read from Ali to date.
So, why...

  • The Setting - Ali did a great job of work building in this book. I could envision the world she drew, and I liked it!
  • The Plot - the story was rich, with a balance of action and narrative so I felt fully immersed and understood what was happening without feeling like the plot had slowed down at all!
  • The Characters - This is where I felt Ali really excelled. I've always liked her character development, and BLOOD CROWN is no exception to this. The characters were well thought out and full. I loved her crafting of them

Overall, this is a MUST READ book in the extreme. If you like a bit of sci-fi and dystopia, with plenty of action and amazing characters, BLOOD CROWN needs to be first in your TBR pile!

Buy BLOOD CROWN today:


Ali is running not one, but TWO giveaways for her tour.
The first is the grand prize giveaway:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

And a weekly giveaway for the last week of the tour:
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I am so excited for Ali with this one. Be sure to pick up the book....TODAY


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