Bookanista Review - Shinobi by Cole Gibson

It's Thursday, and time for another Bookanista review. Today I am reviewing Shinobi by Cole Gibson. But before I get to that, here are the other Bookansita posts today: 

On to my review -

About SHINOBI by Cole Gibson:
Can Rileigh stop a vengeful ninja before she's trapped forever?Reincarnated samurai Rileigh Martin may have just graduated high school, but she feels like there isn’t much to celebrate. Her boyfriend Kim doesn’t remember who she is, her past-life enemy Whitley has returned, and her future is unclear.When Kim suddenly regains his memories, Rileigh is overjoyed—until she realizes that Sumi, a powerful, reincarnated ninja, has also regained her memories. In the aftermath of Sumi’s attack, Rileigh’s ki powers are draining away and the Network unexpectedly starts hunting her. With time running out, Rileigh must track down Sumi before her powers completely vanish and she’s forever seen as the enemy.This jaw-dropping conclusion to the Katana series—heralded by Booklist as “an action-packed page-turner”—delivers knock-down-drag-out action, cleverly rolled up with a romance that spans lifetimes and a friendship that survives a supernatural effort to tear it apart.Praise:"A swift tale of romance for the young teen with a warrior heart."—KIRKUS REVIEWS

Why I liked it: 
SHINOBI is the conclusion to the KATANA series, and wow...what and end! This entire series was such a great ride. And this installment is no different. Filled with action, romance, and a bad-ass main character, this story absolutely satisfied the warrior-girl in all of us! If you like a little samurai action with your romance, this is a great series. The writing is great, the characters - believable. And the ending? Well, let's jsut say this ended in a way that makes sense for the story - and the series. It is fabulous!

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