Book Review: Bad Dad by Derek Munson

Happy Sunday! I am spending the day in Super Bowl party mode. But I wanted to sneak over to the computer and post a quick review for a new picture book - Bad Dad by Derek Munson, illustrated by Melody Wang

Here is a little about the book, due to release Feb 28:
Uh oh! Looks like Dad is in trouble again! The library books are overdue. The kids are late for school. And the last cookie is missing from the cookie jar. Again. And somehow, Dad always seems to be in the middle of it all. But is he really all that bad?
Why I liked it:
First, I can't say enough about how beautiful the illustrations by Melody Wang are. It is a visually stunning book to look at. As for the story itself, it's cute and really speaks to the relationship between a father and his children. I grew up without a father figure in my life until I was a teenager. I've loved watching the relationship between my girls and their father - and so much of this book reminded me of that relationship. I truly enjoyed it!

Pre-order it today:
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