Writing and Marketing - A Lesson in Balance

We all know that being a published author means spending a portion of your time on marketing. This is true whether you are traditionally published with a large or small house, or Indie published. But, how much time should you spend on each? How do you achieve balance?

This is a question I have been focused on a lot of late. It is something I wrestled with last year - marketing versus writing. For those of us writers to wear the hats of author in multiple genres (fiction and nonfiction), mom, wife, and another day job, finding balance is particularly important. Not just for my sanity, but to ensure a prosperous writing career.

I'll be honest about last year - I spent WAY TOO MUCH TIME on things that weren't essential to my writing career. I spent too much time goofing off online, too much time refining marketing and crunching numbers. It isn't that some of the things weren't of value - they were. But the cost in time away from creating new content was too high.

That changes this year. I spent January refining how I do things re blogging, my social media presence, etc - all so I could spend MORE time focused on creating new content. I have lofty goals, and I know I need to create more content in order for the goals to come to fruition.

The rule of thumb for me is 80/20 - 80 percent of my writing time needs to be spent writing new content (and no, I am not counting blogging as part of that!). 20 percent is all about blogging/marketing etc.

This is my first week really working on that - so let's see how it all works out! I will be back to report progress later next month.

How do you stay balanced?


  1. I'm a short story writer. In the last six months, I've become more interested in marketing. It appeals to the scientist in me. What happens if I do this . . .

    But it's a big time suck, and balance is so important.

    1. It really is - and for me, something I have to work to achieve!


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