Starting Strong

Happy New Year everyone! Mine rang in quietly with my youngest as my hubby crashed early (courtesy of the illness-of-doom) and my oldest was with friends. We watched movies and at midnight, yelled Happy New Year and banged pots with wooden spoons - a tradition from my grandmother's days. It was really nice. My daughter then went to her room and watched movies until dawn while I crashed on the couch.

Today brings a new year and the promise of new beginnings. I plan to spend it moving slowly (still getting over the crud), cleaning and just breathing. All good things.

One of my  traditions with a new year is to let go of regrets, reflect on the previous year, and set my intentions for the new year. Although I am a little late in getting these things done, I have released the past and am embracing an exciting, new future!

This year, I'm trying something a little different. While I always set goals - and did set a few this year - I wanted to change things up and try setting my intentions a bit differently. So, following some advice from a friend, I wrote this year's end of the year letter, highlighting my accomplishments of the year. THIS year.

What an empowering thing, speaking of your goals as though they are already accomplished.

Now, I know that goals and intentions without action mean very little, and I will be putting my business plan together throughout the month, but doing this first step - setting my intentions in such a positive way...

THAT is powerful!

Try it. And have an amazing start to the new year!


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