Reaching Out to Readers!

I am thrilled to be back to some form of regular blogging. If you can believe it, I actually managed to schedule posts for the majority of the week on all of my blogs, AND get lots of writing/editing in...
It was a wonderful weekend.

But I digress!

Today I wanted to talk about readers. When I first started writing for the fiction YA market, most of my author-friends were very adept at making connections with other writers, but not as good at reaching out to readers. This is always something that puzzled me. I mean, yes, I LOVE my writer buddies. They offer support, knowledge, and so much more. They even make up a large percentage of my readers.

But not the entire percentage.

So, how do I cultivate readers? What writerly friends of mine were doing a great job reaching out to readers?

Fortunately, from the early days through the present, I have been able to watch several authors cultivate amazing readership. People like Michelle Zink, Ellen Hopkins, Susan Kaye Quinn, Lisa Schroeder, and so many others, have done an amazing job reaching readers.

Some do it through live events. And some others through their social networks. Me, I am the hybrid type in pretty much everything I do. So, it only follows that I am very hybrid-ish in this too. I mix live events, social networking and direct readership interaction. The results - very loyal fans.

My focus for 2014, as I mentioned on Monday, is to take it to the next level and increase both my readership AND my interaction with readers - a lofty goal I know, but hey...

How am I going to do this? Here is the short list of my goals:

  • Better use of the newsletter to bring MORE exclusive content to readers AND interact more. (Are you signed up for my newsletter? No? CLICK HERE to be included in all the fun)
  • A steady stream of NEW releases. Yep, you heard that right. I have the goal of releasing three new novels this year.
  • Strategic use of my marketing dollars
  • More live and online events to connect with readers.
I am really excited about all of this and can't wait to see how it all turns out.

What do you do to build readership, both new readers and more connection with readers?


  1. That has been a conundrum for me for all of 2013. I don't have an answer, honestly, and now that I'm getting into writing and publishing my erotica, I'm just enjoying having fun with my sexy short stories. I've got a lot of writing I want to do for my YA/NA stuff but not sure if I'll be doing a good job of reaching out to readers. But I better get on the ball. Don't want them thinking I've abandoned them :-)


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