With the new year comes a new approach to some of my marketing efforts - starting with my newsletter. I LOVE the idea of the Newsletter, but haven't really been utilizing it to its potential.

That all changes today!

Starting now, I will be utilizing the newsletter to interact with my readers more - tell them about "flash" sales early, giving them insider scoop on new releases, etc. PLUS I have a series of SPECIAL things just for newsletter peeps:

  • exclusive episodes of stories related to the Requiem series, 
  • special videos and training related to my self-help books, 
  • and even a one-of-a-kind story for fans of Transcend - 

All JUST for newsletter subscribers.

If you already subscribe to my Newsletter, be on the lookout for a special email TOMORROW, 1/9 with more information on how you can capitalize on the cool stuff.

If you are not yet a subscriber, NOW is the perfect time.

Just fill out this form and you'll be ready for tomorrow's exciting email!

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Thanks and I can't wait to launch these new newsletters starting TOMORROW!


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