Thanksgiving and Angels

One of my favorite pieces that I've written has never been published, per sea. It wasn't a story or a self-help guide. It wasn't for a training or a newspaper. It was my mother's obituary and shortened biography. 
It may seem strange that I consider writing it an experience in joy. Yes, it was a dark and sad time But working on mom's bio was a great way to center my thoughts, appreciate her life and move forward.
Today is not only Thanksgiving, but it is the anniversary of Mom's death - her Angel Day (to use the words from Ali Cross). And I felt like it was fitting today, to share her bio with all of you. Mom was a remarkable woman in a million-and-one ways. I continue to be blessed by her presence in my life!

The Life of Judi Dell Warren

Judi was born on February 25, 1940 in Los Angeles, CA. Growing up with modest means, she learned to appreciate every aspect of the life around her. In college she spent time as a singer, sharing her jazz and blues love throughout the blues houses in the San Francisco area. After college she worked as a teacher before marrying and moving to Oregon. She once said that the best thing to come of her first marriage was the birth of her only child, Christine.

Soon after her daughter's birth, Judi returned to California and divorced her first husband. She worked as a physical therapist and social worker for many years before finding her calling to a Christian mystical path. Ordained at the Church of Inner Light, Judi shared her spirit with those around her until she heard and answered her call to serve as the minister of the Church of Truth in Pasadena, CA.

Every Sunday she filled her congregation's heart and soul as she helped guide others toward a path of enlightening. It was at the Church that she met, and eventually married, her soul mate, Paul. Paul and Judi shared a relationship like none other - together on a path of awakening, they joined their hearts, their love, their soul, until there was truly no separation between them. 

Judi's talents were not limited to her expressions of faith each Sunday. She was a talented cook, an expert in interior design and a master with a brush and canvas. After her retirement from the Church, Judi pursued her love of painting, learning how to balance light and color on the canvas. Judi poured a piece of her soul into ever endeavor - every dish she prepared, ever room she designed, and every painting she painted. 

Paul and Judi spent the majority of their retirement continuing their journey toward awakening. They explored their Christian mystical roots more fully and expanded their wisdom through the Sufi teachings. In the years leading to her death, her path lead her to the teachings of Zen Buddhism. Judi's consistent pursuit of her awakened being culminated in her ordination as a Zen Sensei in October 2010. 

Judi spent her life dedicated to the pursuit of her spiritual growth in every aspect of her life, as well as guiding others to a deepening of their own spiritual experiences. She was well known for her warm smile, deep compassion and fiery spirit. Judi is greatly missed by her family and many friends. Her influence and presence will live on through the many lives she as touched.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and beginning to your Holiday season!


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