Oh NaNo....It's So Not Happening

Hi All!

Well, I made a decision about NaNo over the weekend...yea, it's not happening. In the past, when I haven't been able to finish, I was upset, feeling like I had failed something. That isn't true this year. This year, I recognize the payoff to NaNo for me - even though I did not manage to finish.

First, I started a new book I am thrilled about.
Also, I planned out a new series I am equally thrilled about
And most importantly, I fell in love with writing....again.

So, I may not have cranked out 50K on a single work, but I managed to do so much more.

Hugs and congrats to everyone who has made it. WOO HOO!!!


  1. Congrats for accomplishing what you did! And I know what you mean. I'm not sure I'm going to make the 50k this year yet, and that's okay. I'm working on a novel I love, and I may not have started it without NaNo.


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