Me, Intense???

Clearly I've been a little too busy of late. I mean, my blogging has become spotty at best, most of the time just posting reviews and Author Spotlights. I've been writing and reading though - just not as much as I wish I was.

Over the weekend, I reached out to a friend to apologize for not having her critique finished. Her response was kind (as expected) and she let me "off the hook" and asked me to read a later version of the book. It the email exchange that followed, she joked about how intense I am. I laughed. And I stewed...

Am I intense? Really? I mean, my friend did say as I was as laid back as a cup of expresso. And the description is pretty spot on!

Now, I don't think of myself as intense. But I guess, comparatively, I am. I hate missing deadlines, am brutally hard on myself when I make a mistake, and bring a level of intensity into my friendships that I often stress over - I mean, who likes being around intense people all of the time, right?

I have tried to ditch some of my intensities in the past. But the truth is that I can't. And maybe, if I'm being super honest, I don't want to. I mean, my intensities enable me to get a lot done in a day. And it enables me to bring a level of emotion to my stories that I think is good.

So, maybe I need to just embrace my intensities, yes. That and occasionally reach for "decaf".

What about you guys? Are you ever characterized in a way that is surprising to you at times?


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