Confession Time!

I am behind. Really behind. Sure, life is busy - but it's always busy. And yes, I have been fighting off a cold mixed with my anemia flaring up (again, my fault as I haven't been taking my iron as I should). But that isn't why I am behind on my writing goals...
Nope - it's something much simpler.
I am in a confidence slump.
There, I said it. My confidence is waning at the moment.

Now, this is nothing new. Everyone I talk to feels this way from time to time. And yes, I have been in this place before.

And while I wade through the muck, I am trying to take it easy on myself a tad. But in truth, I just have huge goals. And waning confidence has no place in my plans!

What do you do when the confidence fairy seems to have taken all of yours?


  1. I am writing my very first novel at my very first nanowrimo. I have zero confidence about what I am doing. But I love my story and I am leaning heavily on that for the ability to keep moving. When it feels like I'm struggling to write I just focus on the story and the characters and 'keep on keeping on' I know it is slightly different for you because you've goals beyond 'write a story' that include having an idea of how to sell it, but maybe if you just channeled your enthusiasm for the story itself and your characters and your world (unless it's nonfiction, then channel your love of the topic!) it might help you ignore your lack of confidence, which is ridiculous because you rock!

  2. Outside of beating my head on my desk, crying into my soup, sending the ms to the trash, I do very little. Don't fret. You're doing fine. Besides the confidence fairy has another job as a crisis counselor, but she'll be back when she's free.


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