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Happy Friday!
I started the year with a goal of working through the book, the Artist's Way. Now, this is a book I've read many times. But, I've never taken the time to work through each of the exercises. I started back in January, and promptly abandoned it when things got too crazy in my personal life.
Okay, that's not 100% true. Actually, some of the exercises tapped into some things I really needed to work through - which is the point! But, I wasn't ready right then to work through them. So, in classic Christine fashion, I "got too busy" and dumped the book. 

But, it wouldn't release me so easily. In fact, it has stayed in my mind ever since. So, since I really have no choice, I am back to the book again, working through each chapter, each exercise. And this time, I am taking all of you with me.
If you have the book, why not work through it with me. Do the morning pages, the exercises, everything. On Friday's, I'll recap my experience and my big take-away lessons. Sound good?

Okay - so week 1's recap:


  • Being an artist is an act of bravery. And it requires a level of safety if you are going to be the artist you are destined to become
  • Morning pages are a must
  • Artist "play date" - another must. 
  • Self-sabotage - yea, we artists do a lot of that

My take away:

  • I can do brave. But I am horrible about the self-sabotage thing
  • Morning pages - love/hate relationship with 'em. But, in the end, they ABSOLUTELY help my creative process, cleaning out the junk that needs to be cleaned BEFORE I write the important stuff. So...I'll be working on this habit!
  • Play-dates - this one will take a while. I get the need, and I like it. But the time...I have yet to carve out that piece. Which, for me, means I have not yet made it a priority
  • This first chapter hit me between the really did. It helped me gain new perspective on some things I needed to gain perspective on. A good, tough, thing for me. 
All in all - I am excited to be walking this road again. I was not as dedicated on this first chapter as I needed to be...but I know I am a work in progress...just like all of us are!

Have you read the book? Anything resonate with you?


  1. I tried this before and promptly dropped it after not finding time for the 'must' of artist playdates. I've 5 kids, at the time my youngest was under a year. And nursing. All of the time. So 'alone' time was...hard. I tried modifying it to time with kids with me, but even that felt wrong. I'm waiting till the kids are a bit older. Soon? Hopefully.


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