Dominus ON SALE

YAY! Dominus is finally out, uploaded and ready to go on Amazon! The final installment of the Requiem series follows Nesy's final confrontation with Azza and Lilith. Will she be able to stop the war that's coming now that she's mortal? And will she be able to save Aydan from himself? So many questions, and so many answers packed in this short, fast paced novel.

To celebrate, Dominus is ON SALE for 0.99. But only through 10/18. Even better, you can get the entire series - Lacrimosa, Libera Me, and Dominus - all for under $3.00. Just look at what readers are saying about the series:
"...the only book(s) you'll need to read to understand sacrifice..."
"...a an emotional ride that keeps you guessing..."
"...about friends, truths, and the fight we find within ourselves..."

Get your set today before prices go up.

Lacrimosa (includes Lacrimosa and Dies Irae)
Libera Me (includes Mea Culpa, Libera Me, and Enigma)

Thanks, everyone, for loving the series. You all made this a blast to write. The entire series will be available in print soon!!!


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