Celebrating My Birthday with a Special Author Spotlight of Michelle McLean!

Happy Monday! I had a blog post all planned out for today - a chance to celebrate BOTH my birthday AND the release of DOMINUS, the final chapter in the Requiem series. But, as is often the case, life had other plans. I discovered a few little things I'd like to fix in Dominus before releasing it. So...
I am switching things up. Hey, it's my blog - my career. I can do that from time to time. 
I am posting the Author Spotlight today, and the Dominus release info tomorrow. I know, you totally thought I was D-E-L-A-Y-I-N-G the release. NO WAY! I am excited to both get your feedback AND jump into something new.
But that is a post for another day.
Day I bring you my BFF, my CP and an amazing author - Michelle McLean and her most recent release from Entangled, WISH UPON A STAR.

Before I introduce the book, I wanted to share this month's randomness and Michelle's fabulous answers:here are the questions I asked Lisa - and her fabulous answers!
  • Name your favorite comic book hero or villain and why. ~ hmmm Wonder Woman has always been a favorite of mine. I was always a huge fan of mythology so I liked her back story, and I grew up watching Lynda Carter play her on tv :D
  • Your main character is attending ComicCon. Who does he/she dress up as and why? ~  LOL Probably Wonder Woman ;) Ceri is a divorced mom with a seriously psycho ex husband. Being Wonder Woman would definitely appeal to her – she’s strong, intelligent, has cool gadgets (esp one that can force people to tell the truth), and has a cool outfit (esp the revamped version) :) [I'm sensing a little typecasting...hmmm]
  • You get to invite 5 people, living or dead, over for dinner. Who are they and what are you serving? ~ Hmmm, well first of all, the dinner will be catered no matter what I serve because about the only thing I can cook is spaghetti. And this answer always changes, but right now, I think I’d go with Mark Twain, Ellen DeGeneres, Nathan Fillion (just because I have a huge crush on him lol), my grandmother, and Jeff Foxworthy :D I’m in the mood for some laughs lol
There you go, another fabulous set of answers.

And now, a little more about Michelle McLean and WISH UPON A STAR:

About Michelle:
Romance and non-fiction author Michelle McLean spent 98% of her formative years with her nose in a book indulging in her love of reading and research. Expanding that love into writing was inevitable. Michelle has a B.S. in History, a M.A. in English, and tends to be a bit of an organized mess with an insatiable love of books and more weird quirks than you can shake a stick at. When Michelle's not editing, reading or chasing her kids around, she can usually be found in a quiet corner working on her next book. She resides in PA with her husband and two children, an insanely hyper dog, and two very spoiled cats.

Her most recent release is:

WISH UPON A STAR Ceri McKinley never stopped wishing that her ex-fiancé Jason Crickett would come back into her life. But when he finally does, he comes with a request that puts them both--and all of humanity--into jeopardy. Jason only wants two things: to bury his brother properly and to convince Ceri to trust him again after he jilted her. But when Ceri agrees to help him get his brother back, they end up fighting for their lives as the second zombie uprising threatens them all. Amazon | B&N | iBooks | Kobo

For more information on Michelle and her books, please visit her on her website, blog, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, or Goodreads.

There you go - another fabulous Author Spotlight. Be sure to come on back tomorrow when I spotlight my own new release, DOMINUS! See you then!!!


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