The Art of Soft Releases...

Happy Monday everyone! I am excited to talk about my back-to-back releases coming up for Dominus, the final book in the Requiem Series, and Quiet Kids, my next parenting book.
These books hold a lot of meaning to me.

First, Dominus is the conclusion of a series that has been really important to me. In some respects I am thrilled to let go of the series and move on to new things. In another way, I am sad to see Nesy and Aydan go. They have been a part of my life for more than three years.

Quiet Kids releases exactly three years after my very first book. It's exciting, and I can't believe everything that has happened over the last three years.

I am doing some promotional activities for both books in October, but for now I am happy with soft releases. You know, when a book releases with little to no fanfare. Both books have had release dates move around and shift, resulting in some issues with my promotional calendar. So, to make sure I didn't have to again switch everything around, I decided to hold off and wait until mid October to celebrate the releases and promote the books. I have no idea if this will prove to be a wise decision. I guess time will tell.

What do you do to promote your releases? Do you prefer big fanfare or something smaller?


  1. Looking forward to celebrating Dominus and Quiet Kids. You're hitting the writing world from the fiction and non-fiction fronts. Sweet!

    I like to do a bit of fanfare for my stories. The only one I did a soft release for was Atone. I may decide to do something to bring more attention to it as a later date.

    1. I am looking forward to them being out too. It is weird doing soft releases with them - I am not at all used to it!

  2. Congrats on all the wonderful things that have happened for you and your writing over the past three years, Christine. You deserve every bit of it. And QUIET KIDS is fantastic!

    1. Awe, thank you so much! I am very pleased with it. And yes - it took me FOREVER to finish!


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