Preparing for the Series End: An Excerpt from Libera Me

As we edge closer to the weekend and the release (FINALLY) of Libera Me, I wanted to share another excerpt with all of you, this time from Libera Me.

I shared one scene yesterday on Facebook - one with Aydan (now mortal) in High School being confronted with...demons...the decide.

This scene brings us back to the love affair between Nesy and Aydan. Aydan is hoping the girl, Nessa,  he found in this mortal life, the one that has given him a reason to live again, is Nesy reincarnated. But, there is a chance that she is something else entirely - a demonic presence meant to destroy him. 
In this scene, Nessa, having been scared - terrified - by the presence of angels and demons - has returned to Aydan seeking comfort:

The walls shake as the pounding on my door continues. “Coming,” I yell. “Coming.”  I open the door, startled. Nessa stands in front of me, her eyes half crazed. She looks like she did at the gym—lost in some distant memory.


She throws her arms around my neck and pulls me to her. Our lips meet as she melts into me. I inhale her anguish, her pain, her fear. For a moment I feel the familiar craving I refuse to acknowledge. I push against her, forcing her to stop.

“Nessa,” I growl, barely able to control myself. “What happened?”

“Nothing,” she whispers through a ragged breath. “I need you.” Her lips meet mine again, riddled with desperation. I want to lose myself in her, lose myself in this moment.

“No.” The words scrape along my throat. I pull myself away from her. “We can’t. Not like this.”

She stares at me, blinking. Her eyes cloud over and she turns, heading back out of the door.

“Nessa, wait.” I grab her arm. “I didn’t say you had to leave. Stay.” She stops moving. The air crackles between us.

I feel her take a heavy breath.

And another.

Everything seems to move in slow motion as she turns and looks at me. In that brief moment, I see Nesy in her eyes, the blue oceans pushing deep into my soul. My body quivers. She collapses any space between us. Her eyes close and our lips softly brush. A moan escapes me before I can stop it. Again she teases my lips with hers.

It feels so familiar. Images spring to life against my eyelids. Another time with my love, another place.

A church and courtyard.

A fountain and statue.

Promises of a life together, admission of a love that should never have been.

I can’t hold myself back any longer. I need her touch, her kiss.

          I always have.

I press my lips hard against hers, tasting her desire and confusion. Her love. At once I’m in two places, two worlds, two lives. 

For more from Libera Me, you can check out the book on Amazon or check out my BOOK page for more information!

Friday I will share a special snippet from DOMINUS in preparation for the release. Wow - I can't believe the time is nearly here!!!


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