Preparing For Requiem's End With An Excerpt From LACRIMOSA

I can't believe the Requiem Series is coming to an end. Part of me is ready to move on, as too many ideas nip and my toes. Another part will be very sad to see Aydan and Nesy go. As I get ready to celebrate Dominus's release in a week or so, I want to share excerpts from the series (as well as get you ready for some special things coming...)

Today, I am sharing an excerpt from Lacrimosa. In this scene, our heroine, Nesy, is wrestling with her task of killing her beloved Aydan, and her need to protect him:

I stare at the statue, so perfect in its details—the Sword of Truth grasped firmly in Mikayel’s hands, the strong muscles of his shoulders as he battles, and the broad expanse of his wings. Carved images of the planets, scientists and animals wrap themselves around the base of the angel. A perfect union of Celestium and humanity.
And a reminder.           
My oath to the Council pounds through my thoughts. My obligation to protect. My role in the forever battle against evil. My duty to resist temptation. Resist the Dark One.
And my job to vanquish Aydan.
A pang of deep longing ripples through me. I’m torn between my promise to send Aydan to the Abyss and my need to keep him safe. The opposing forces fragment what remains of my mind, breaking me down once again.
I close my eyes and center my thoughts. Let go of him. Let go of that life. I picture my life as a Sentinal—the training, the commitment to live a life detached, the oath to serve. It’s everything I am. Everything I’ve wanted.
Until now.
Now there’s Aydan.
Black, spiked hair. Smooth, pale skin. His image floods my thoughts, looking exactly the way he did that first night. Same black jeans, same leather jacket.
I draw a ragged breath and let the fantasy unfold. The musky pine scent of his skin. The feel of him next to me. The sound of his voice as it resonates through me.
In the recesses of my thoughts, Aydan wraps an arm around my waist and pulls me close. His other arm drapes across my chest and in my dream, I am forever safe. 

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    1. It's sad to say goodbye to a series, isn't it? I'm working on final edits for the last book in the Touch of Death trilogy and it's tough knowing that this is the end.


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