New Look, New Message, Same 'Ole Me

Happy Tuesday all! I hope my US friends had a fabulous few days off. For me, I spent the time with family remembering what it is to cultivate relationships away from my computer. I know, shocking, right...

Which sort of brings me to the irony that is today.

Today I am bringing you my new "brand" - a new website and refined look that better matches who I am at the moment. As part of the shift, I will have a second FB page in the upcoming weeks, as well as a complete facelift for my other blog, An Intense Life.

I know, nothing ironic yet...

Most of my friends are at odds with blogging and some forms of social media, feeling a level of burnout that I can completely relate to. In all honesty, this is where I was for the past several years. And now, after a lot of soul searching and coming to terms with both my purpose on the planet and my identity as a writer, I feel ready to move forward in a big way!

Today, I bring a new website - - that features all of my work, nonfiction and fiction, as well as my events and social media information. This blog will continue to exist with posts about books I love, author spotlights on some amazing writers, new weekly writing exercises, and some marketing information. The truth is I enjoy blogging when I have a schedule - so I developed an editorial calendar and am organized!

My other blog, An Intense Life - - will refocus on its purpose of authentic living. This is where I'll give advice and tips related to living a life filled with purpose and in touch with individual authenticity. It has been more than six months in the making. Today's post outlines some of the regular features, so be sure to check it out.

I mentioned a new facebook page too. Yep, since I am talking more about living authentically and honestly, I need to come clean about just how out of balance certain aspects of my life have been. In an effort to get myself in check AND support others doing the same, I will be launching a facebook page from my other blog with the hopes of both staying inspired and inspiring others.

So, there you go...
A new look, a new brand of sorts and cleaned up sites. I hope you will visit and glean whatever it is that interests you. In this day of limited time and social blogging overload, it's hard to know if any of you will continue to read blogs.

What do you think? What are you feeling about blogging these days?


  1. Out of balance? Impossible! You juggle more balls in the air than anyone I know and somehow you always seem to keep them up. I know, I know! That's just a perception from the outside, but seriously, your organization skills are phenomenal! Yea for the new look and staying on top of things. You are amazing!

    1. Awe, thanks so much. I used to have much better skills!

  2. I like the page design, but I dislike the word verification.

    1. I didn't release I had that set up that way! Thanks for the head's up. All fixed now...


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