Another Author Spotlight Visit from Lisa Amowitz!

As promised, I am bringing back Author Spotlight, a chance for author's to be featured on my blog, talk about their book, and answer some silly questions. I revamped things a little bit to include monthly questions - some related to their books, and some just designed to let us know the author a little better. 

This week, I am featuring Lisa Amowitz. I was fortunate enough to help her celebrate the release of Breaking Glass. Since that time I have had a chance to read the book (come back to read my review on Thursday) and can I just say...LOVE LOVE LOVE it! 

Before I introduce the book, here are the questions I asked Lisa - and her fabulous answers!
  • Name your favorite comic book hero or villain and why. ~ The Joker, of course. Who doesn't love him? [Seriously! He has been my go-to archetype for villains for years!]
  • Your main character is attending ComicCon. Who does he/she dress up as and why? ~ Jeremy Glass would dress up as Captain Hook. The reasons would be obvious for anyone who read BREAKING GLASS. 
  • You get to invite 5 people, living or dead, over for dinner. Who are they and what are you serving? ~ 
  • The first person on my list is Nathan Hale, because I have a strange obsession with the young hero who was hanged by the British as a spy at age 21 and never got to see the America he died for;  
  • The second is J.D. Salinger to tell him that greatness is not an excuse to cop such a bad attitude; 
  • Third is my grandfather, Hyman Epstein, because he was one of the kindest and funniest people I know and he'd make dirty jokes and embarrass everyone; 
  • Fourth is Martin Luther King, to get his opinion on things as they stand and to thank him for his courage;
  • Fifth is Janis Joplin--just to hear her sing Bobby McGee.
  • Dinner? I have to make all these people dinner? No way--my kitchen is too small. I'd take the to a nice restaurant overlooking the Hudson and we'd sit and drink Cosmos and shoot the breeze.
Best answers ever Lisa! THANK YOU!

And now, a brief introduction to BREAKING GLASS. You'll get my take on it on Thursday: 

BREAKING GLASS by Lisa Amowitz (Spencer Hill Press, July 2013)

On the night seventeen-year-old Jeremy Glass winds up in the hospital with a broken leg and a blood alcohol level well above the legal limit, his secret crush, Susannah, disappears. When he begins receiving messages from her from beyond the grave, he’s not sure whether they’re real or if he’s losing his grip on reality. Clue by clue, he gets closer to unraveling the mystery, and soon realizes he must discover the truth or become the next victim himself.

About Lisa Amowitz:

Lisa Amowitz was born in Queens and raised in the wilds of Long Island, New York where she climbed trees, thought small creatures lived under rocks and studied ant hills. And drew. A lot.When she hit her teens, she realized that Long Island was too small for her and she needed to escape. So she went to college in Pittsburgh. Go figure. On leaving college, Lisa became a graphic designer living in New York City. She eventually married her husband of a zillion years, had two lovely children, and was swept away to a fairy tale life in the Bronx, where, unbelievably there are more trees and wilderness than her hometown. She can see the Hudson River from her kitchen window.
Lisa has been a professor of graphic design at her beloved Bronx Community College where she has been tormenting and cajoling students for nearly seventeen years. She started writing eight years ago because she wanted something to illustrate, but somehow, instead ended up writing YA. Probably because her mind is too dark and twisted for small children.
BREAKING GLASS is her first published work. VISION, the first of the Finder series will be released in 2014, along with an unnamed sequel in the following year. LIFE AND BETH will also be released in the near future, along with graphic novel style art

Thanks Lisa! I always love having you stop by the blog. 

How would you answer my questions of Lisa? Come on back in a few weeks for my next Author Spotlight. And if you are an author interested in being spotlighted, please let me know. 


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