A Little Apprehension for Fiction Friday

I can't believe it's Friday! What a wonderfully fast week. I'll be spending the weekend locked away in a cave finishing a book. No seriously...that is the plan! I HAVE to finish this rewrite. Like NOW!

Anyway, As I mentioned last week., Friday's are about fiction and writing exercises. For today's prompt, you were supposed to big an emotion from the emotion wheel and write a scene. Easy peasy.

And yes, there are a couple of "Rules:

1) Sit down and write for a minimum of 15 minutes on the weekly topic. [in truth, I only wrote for a few minutes on this one]

2) NO EDITING allowed - this is a creative free-for-all, strictly editor-free. Consider it a lesson in letting go!

3) It would be great if we could visit each other's pieces and show some love - and remember, this is not about critiquing. Only cheering. It's an exercise - a way to get in touch with other aspects of the artist within and bring that to the writing.

Okay - so yea, I am probably the only one doing this, but here is my Friday Fiction scene...

I used apprehension as my emotion. The scene features Madison, the feisty MC of my next YA paranormal thriller I am working on...

The morning starts like every other. My alarm blares through the silence, pulling me from sleep. I roll out of bed, too out of it to notice my roommate didn't come home again. Splashing cold water on my face, my brain slowly kicks into gear. 
The first thing I notice is the blood-shot eyes greeting me in the mirror. I look like hell, I think. I haven't slept much this week. Too much on my mind between my parent's constant phone calls and my brother's disappearance. 
More water on my face. More deep breaths. And then...something different.
Something passes through my field of vision, a quick blur on the fringe of my awareness. I stop, hold my breath, turn. There is nothing. I look back in the mirror, my pulse quickening. A moment passes. And another. Still nothing. My pulse slows and I release a ragged breath.
Shaking my head, I turn off the water and go back to my room. It feels different somehow, like it's a different day or a different time. I glance around the room, scrutinizing every inch. With each turn of my head, my heart beats faster. Stiff apprehension climbs my spine as I look under the beds and in the closet. Nothing.
No one is here, nothing has changed, and yet I know that nothing is the same either.
"What's happening," I whisper as the hair on my neck stands on end and my pulse roars in my ears. 

And there you go - but little writing exercise this morning. Anyone else have something to share?


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