3 Years Ago Today: A Walk Down Memory Lane

I was preparing to release Emotional Intensity in Gifted Children. I'll never forget it. The nervousness, the excitement, the shock! I launched that book with a twitter chat and an online party. The book sold out in hours and my future as an author had begun.

Fast forward to May, 2011, 7 months later. Life had thrown it's share of curve balls with family illnesses, the loss of my mom, and parting with my agent. I held many book events for Emotional Intensity, queried fiction projects, and had a few nonfiction book proposals rejected. It was a 101 Success Secrets for Gifted Kids. My publisher had a larger print run with this one. I didn't sell out on the first day, but it was a strong launch. That book confirmed my desire to be an author.
rollercoaster ride. But it also brought the release of my second book,

My next book release wouldn't happen for almost a year, in February 2012. The nine months between represented my most difficult in the business. The loss of my mom had challenged me greatly, defining me in ways I hadn't expected. Likewise, I was struggling with the shifting publishing industry, unsure of exactly where I fit in - did I want an agent still? Or did I prefer to forge my own path as an Indie? Did I want to continue with medium and larger publishing houses? Or did I want to partner with a publishing start-up?

Writers don't live in a vacuum. We have lives outside of the writing industry that exert their own pressure and influence on our artforms. For me, this pressure took the form of fiscal stressors and the normal pressures facing families today. I took a job change, made decisions about my writing career and forged a path as an Indie author with my fiction, while continuing with my medium-sized press in my nonfiction life.

Suddenly, both worlds, writing and nonwriting, were exploding with activity. I released 3 short stories, and 3 novels, over the next year. Life was exciting and busy. But as I mentioned before, I had switched jobs at this same time, and life was also filled with long hours at a job that proved to be less fulfilling. I didn't have time to pour into my art, didn't have time with my family in the same way, and wasn't paying attention to my health. My life spun out of balance and my art suffered.

By February 2013, I was artistically fried. Okay, I was fried in every aspect of my life. I made the difficult decision to change jobs and slow everything down. I pushed out or shelved ever fiction project. In nonfiction, I released the Girl Guide in May 2013 and sold Quiet Kids. I had a great local book event and started to breath again.

As I refocused on my art, I found a clarity of purpose I had been missing. My small press for my fiction reverted my rights back to me and I re-released my books under my name. I also made the decision to complete the Requiem series for my fans before changing my focus in my fiction career.

I rewrote my goals in August 2013 and decided to focus on my health, my family, and my writing career. Yes, I still work in education, something I love. But writing, my art, it brings me a different type of joy that I need in my life. I decided to continue pursuing both fiction and
nonfiction careers and decided to once again partner with an agent. I got busy finishing my books under contract and preparing for fall events.

So, here I am - on the eve of the release of Quiet Kids, and a week away from the release of Dominus. It is a reflective moment (of course, that may also be because it is three am). A lot has happened in the past three years. My life has moved in directions I could never have predicted. It looks nothing like what I envisioned. It is both better and unexpected.

It's hard to know what the future will hold. I know that I am continuing to write both fiction and nonfiction. And I know that I will publish more books. And I know I must stay balanced while I do it. How that will all come together remains a mystery. But isn't that the fun part? Just like when our characters take control of the story and take us on a journey, my life in publishing has been one heck of a ride.

I can't wait to see what's next...

Thank you all for your support, your readership, and your friendship. I never, ever would have predicted how many amazing people I would meet along this journey. The writing community - agents, editors, publishers, readers, reviewers, and writers - are amazing in every way.

Here's to many more years!!!


  1. It's been a wonderful and crazy rollercoaster ride, and I must admit I'm so impressed with what you've managed to accomplish. Wishing you continued success with each venture you pour your energy into :-)


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