Wherein I talk about goals

Hey everyone -
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As you can tell, I've been madly working on my branding - the blog, a website not yet revealed, etc. I've been reading a ton of branding articles (like this one by Indie Author Ali Cross), looking at literally hundreds of author websites and blogs, and researching marketing and branding.

In addition to that, I have been spending a lot of time thinking. That's right, stewing on what I want from my career: where I want to be in a few years, what I want to focus on, etc. It isn't that I never think about this stuff - I do. A lot, actually. It's more that I just haven't really determined what my short-term and mid-term goals are (long term goals I have in spades!). Yes, I know I want to write. And yes, I know I want to move into that direction with the hopes of eventually leaving or significantly modifying the day job. But what steps do I want to take to get there. Am I Indie bound, or do I want to look for an agent - a partner.

All of this stewing and contemplation has lead me to one important decision - I am definitely a hybrid kind of author, one who writes a variety of genres to a variety of audiences. And one who wants to be take advantage of the Indie possibilities AND partner with an agent to source more traditional publishing routes.

Developing a brand and a website, a hub about all things "me", that meets the needs of all that is tough. I thought about doing two or three sites, as many of my writing buddies do. But that is more work than I want to commit. After all, I NEED more writing time. That is why I switched careers, to secure more time to create. Not so I could build a social networking empire that pushed me away from my writing. So, I want to create a brand with a site that can meet my diverse needs.

Whew - no wonder this is taking me a while.

So, as I am contemplating my new branding, and determining the next stages of my career, I thought I would throw it out to all of you:

What are your short-term and mid-range goals? Do you have them? What about long term goals?


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