Summer Bucket List

As most of you know, today is Day 1 of my summer break - six glorious weeks of renewal. THIS is the reason I continue to work in education - the fabulously long summer!!!

So, what will I do for the break?

Here is the bucket list my kids have (courtesy of PBTeen):

My summer is filled with home renovations, re-branding, new words, and an epic road trip as I open myself to inspiration this summer. Too fun, yes?!?

What's on your summer bucket list?


  1. Sounds awesome. I'd love to have just one summer off. Mine is filled with work, driving my daughter everywhere she needs to go (swim practice, meets, work, and ACT prep), less blogging than usual, and hopefully some writing and relaxing. Hope you enjoy your time off!

  2. Summer came so fast I didn't have time for a list. Gotta go make one!

  3. My summer bucket list is more like a tag cloud of characters screaming for attention lol!
    Enjoy your summer break :-)

  4. I'm a teacher, too! I'm excited to eat out at some fabulous new restaurants because a ton of cities around me are having their restaurant weeks. YES!


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