The Inspiration of the Visual Arts

Time for another blog chain round, one that starts with a question from Amparo:
Confession: I can't draw to save my life. *sigh* If you had some seriously epic drawing skills (or if you already have them) which published book would you have loved to illutsrate? Why does that book--and its characters/premise--strike you as something you'd love to work on as an artist?  

There are many many creative things that I excel at - fashion merchandising and design, home design, choreography, theatrical production, composing and writing among them. You notice I don't mention painting or drawing. I am not a strong artist in that domain. My mother, was, however. Self-taught and amazing, she took the time to pass those skills down to my two children (it absolutely skipped
me, though I am learning to do photo manipulation and visual fx). Mom's work was inspiring and beautiful. She often talked of selling her work, and was approached by galleries throughout her lifetime. But, her own fear stopped her. Now her work adorns our walls and inspires my children to pursue their artistic dreams. All of the pictures through this post were completed by mom.

Now, the question wasn't about my mother's artistic abilities. It was about illustrating books and inspiration. So, I guess I will get back to that question!

I would love to illustrate my books, actually. Using photo manipulation skills, I would love to create the worlds of Celestium, Aydan and Nesy, as well as the world of Ien and his insanity. See, I am a visual writer in many respects, creating on paper what my mother created with paint. I "see" my stories long before I write them, struggling to put into words the visual impact of their stories. Most days I think I do a good job. But there are some when I wish I could draw what it is my head, study it, then write it.

That is part of the reason for my summer adventure into visual fx - so I can be able to do this one day.

What about you?

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My Mom the whimsical artist, several years before her death.


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