Summer Flings and Book Signings! WOOT!!!

Time for another blog chain round, and this one is summer-inspired with Katrina's question:
Have you ever written a summer fling? Or are all your fictional relationships the deep, forever kind? If you did write one, how would it begin (the meet cute)? Where would it be set? Give us a few paragraphs sample. 

What a fun question. I will admit, when I first read it, I read "Have you ever HAD a summer fling?". My answer to that! As the question was actually about WRITING a summer fling, I guess that is the one I should answer;)

Surprisingly I have no summer flings in my books. That said, I am working on a fun little project that would/could definitely include a fling. Of course, it would involve a beach, a vacation, a chance meeting. And yes, there would be a monstrous twist....I mean, it isn't one of my stories without one, right?!? I am thinking I need to writing this!

But that is for a different day/time, maybe during the epic road trip this summer. For more on this topic, check out Sandra's from yesterday, and Katrina's post tomorrow.

Before you go, I wanted to share my fun event last night. It wasn't my first signing, but it was my first LOCAL signing. And despite conflicts with award dinners, finals, and everything else going on in Temecula last night - the turn out was AMAZING!!!! A special shout out to my BFFs Jodi, Cherie, and Marifel that made sure to keep me company, Julie that drove the longest to get there, and my work buds Jill, Kari, Athene, Michelle, Anna, and Roger.

And to all the girls - you were all SO

I am hoping this was just the beginning. Here's to more events at our local store.


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