New Beginnings

I've been talking a lot about the state of transition I am in, as well as the many changes happening in my personal life, my professional life, my writing life, etc. This week marks the pinnacle of the change!

I spent the weekend rebuilding my website, working on this blog, making notes for changes on my other blogs and social networking sites, and working on blurbs and covers for my fiction. I watched tutorials, read up on certain computer skills and spent hours, literally, learning a few new skills. I thought about my "brand" and what message I wanted to give, as well as what my previous messages have been. I thought about my fiction books, the underlying theme of the stories and what I wanted the  covers to say. I thought about the blurbs, the reviews, and the feedback I've had from readers.

And let me just say that I enjoyed EVERY moment of the busy weekend.

I am planning to unveil everything next week, but you can see the beginnings of the new look here. The new header, new colors, etc. Most of the pages are unseen, and the website is still offline. But, over the next several days, more and more will be finished and hopefully, with luck, I will be ready to roll next week.

As I work on all of this, I am struck by how good it feels to be moving through this transition, how good it feels to rediscover aspects of myself. And I find myself reflecting on how I managed to get so off track in the first place.

I originally thought it was about the day job, the busyness that edged into my writing time and took over. But as I reflect more and more on the past several years, I realize that the seeds for the feelings I have been working through of late started a long time a go, came to a head with the death of mom in 2010 (which was also the publishing of my first book), and has lead to everything I have been feeling and living over the last year.

I do not want this to sound like things have been bad - NOT AT ALL! They have been fabulous in many ways. But my life has been exceptionally out of balance, resulting in a frustrated and not-so-fun Christine.

Until June, when I started repainting the house, redesigned my workspace, and began the changes to my brand and my life. Now I am finding myself filled with inspiration as I get reacquainted with an old friend -


How was your weekend???


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