Excuse the Mess...

As I mentioned earlier this week, things are changing around here. And part of the changes includes complete rebranding. I am not "new" to rebranding. In fact, I probably redo the website, blog, etc once a year. It isn't that I necessarily want to redo everything that frequently. I just haven't found the right look yet. So I am experimenting a bit.

It will take a few weeks to get everything finished, switched over, etc. So, thanks in advance for your patience as I slowly rework the blog(s) and website.

The goal is to have everything ready in early July - new sites, new covers, etc. Be on the look out for the latest news. Oh! And in case you aren't already signed up to receive the latest news on all of the happenings around here, check out my newsletter and sign up. I will be hosting something special for subscribers in July.

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  1. Gosh, do I understand being unsure about one's brand. I'm constantly rethinking my site. Too much going on, right now, so it will have to wait. But probably not too long. :)


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