Changes - Part 2

So...I wanted to share a little more info about the upcoming changes to my writing life. For a variety of reasons, my publisher is unable to continue offering my fiction in print. So, after much consideration, we decided to revert the rights for my books back to me and part ways. I will be forever grateful to Compass Press and what they've done for me. That said, I am thrilled about the future...

So...what does this mean for all of you, my readers?

First off, the changes will effect my fiction only. Nothing with my nonfiction will change. You can still get any of those titles through Prufrock Press, in brick and mortar stores and online, in both print and digital formats.

With my fiction, a few things are changing. With the Requiem series, including the shorts, I am revamping covers, blurbs, and putting the books through a light revision, with the goal of re-releasing "second editions" of them within the next month. There will be new pricing, some included NEW scenes, and yea - this is fun! Print will be available as well, though not hardbacks (only paperback). Dominus will be released in late August as well.

With Transcend, I am pulling that one within the next week or so. I have some different plans for that that I can't discuss yet.

So, there you go - A little shift for me, but one that will be good for the series, I hope! Over the next few weeks I am rebranding my website, blog, etc as part of the changes. can't wait to see what you all think.

Thanks and enjoy the week!


  1. Sounds like some wonderful changes coming down the pipe. I look forward to seeing what comes. And glad you were able to get your rights reverted back to you so that you COULD make these changes happen :-)

  2. Wow, lots of changes. Good luck on your new endeavors :)

  3. Good luck with all the changes!! I look forward to all the new covers! Still hanging for Dominus!! But I understand why we have to wait! Good luck and I'll be sure to check back in to find out more about Tristan! ;)


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