Fiction Friday: Sharing a NEW snippet of Dominus

Happy Friday! I am especially excited today. Not only is it Friday, but I am down to just over a month before summer vacation and a little change to my day job that will give me significantly more time for my writing and such. I am so dang excited about that...

Today, I thought I'd share a little bit more of Dominus, the final book in the Requiem Series. This book is told from both Nesy's and Lilith's POV, and this excerpt features Lilith:


            Smokey black tendrils snake away from Lilith and encircle Aydan, weaving through the chains that bind him in place. His eyes, black and lifeless, no longer reflect any hint of his past. No amber color streaking through the dark orbs, no sublet glint that speaks of his angelic origins. He growls, snapping his fang-like teeth and clawing at the smoke.
            “Now, now, Aydan, my pet. Is that any way to greet your Master?” The smoke coils back into Lilith as she assumes her familiar shape. Long dark hair, cut in angular strands around her face. Dark eyes, still flecked with navy, that stand out against pale skin. She takes a sharp breath, filling her senses with the familiar scent of vanilla and smoke.
            She takes a step toward Aydan and smiles. “Why resist, my pet? I know how much you like this form.”
            Lilith reaches out and caresses his check, feeling his skeletal frame beneath his bat-like skin. “Or maybe this would be better.” She closes her eyes and inhales a deep breath. A new image forms in her thoughts, a body so different from her own. Her pale skin deepens and takes on a golden hue. Her hair lengthens and fades, reflecting the sun that refuses to come into this domain. Her eyes brighten, taking the form of endless blue oceans. “Is this what you need, my pet? Who you need?”
            Aydan clenches his jaw and turns away. She grabs his chin and forces him to face her. An image of Nesayiel reflects in his eyes. The same golden skin, the same golden wings. Lilith smiles as she leans into him. “I can be her for you.” She wets her lips and whispers into his ear. “I can be whatever you need.”
            She guides her fingers along the markings on his neck and jaw, delighting in the pain, the lust, she feels rolling from him to her. A slight moan escapes his lips as she presses a brief kiss onto his neck.
           “Stop,” he growls, stretching away from her touch. “I want nothing from you, need nothing. Except your death.”
            Lilith laughs. “You need me more than you realize, my pet.” She pulls him to her, her lips brushing against his ear.”You’ll beg for me in the end.”

There you have it! For more from Dominus, check out the FREE download of the companion short Enigma, with the first chapter of Dominus included. And check out the trailer:

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