Monday Musings and Confessions

Happy Monday! Today's post has been a long time in the making. As many of you know, I set some lofty goals for 2013. I wanted to balance my life and refocus on my family and writing career. Feeling lost and somewhat - okay a LOT - off balance, I felt like I needed to make a conscious effort to re-balance my life. I knew as I started down this path that I would have to make some changes. I knew that there were some career things in my day job that needed to be addressed. I knew that I would need to take a hard look at my healthy habits, or LACK of healthy habits, and make changes. And I knew that I would need to purge some of the relationships in my life.


What I didn't count on was the depth of the changes I would need to make.

The first third of 2013 has been profoundly intense. As has become typical in my life, there have been exceptional highs (finding out Barnes and Noble would be carrying the Girl Guide and featuring it on end-cap display) and devastating lows (personal drama that I can't really find the words to discuss). Such highs and lows have become common place in my life, ever sense Mom died in 2010. But this run of the rollercoaster has been somehow different. And, it has forced me to take a serious look at my life, my goals, my habits - everything.

Which brings me to my Monday Confession...

I do a lot of writing about living an authentic life, building resiliency and finding your inner voice. I coach adults and kids to create a life fulfilled. And...

I am really lousy at taking my own advice. 

So, starting this week, I am FINALLY doing what I have advised others to do. After allowing my weight to skyrocket and my health to be compromised in the process, after allowing stress and fear to dictate too many of my choices, and after fighting through endless periods of being creatively blocked, I have put myself back on track.

I have started to eat healthy, purging many of the toxins from my diet. I've gone back to my daily meditative practice and exercise. And I've again focused on the things most important to me.

It is not an easy road, and I could have easily avoided it. I mean, I have had a lot of success in writing, despite being blocked. I have had some really good things happen in my life, despite the toxins in my thoughts. I have developed some amazing friendships, despite the other unhealthy relationships. But...

Just think of what can happen if I dedicate myself to the goal of healthy living, inside and out. 

Yep, time to get back on the horse and carve out the life I dreamed about when I set the goals for 2013. 

I will be keeping you all in the loop periodically on this journey - mostly for my own accountability. 

What are you doing to ensure your balance in life?


  1. Just read this. Hope you're still on track.

    1. In truth, I am not at all on track. But I am being honest with myself and what I need to do...and I am headed in the right direction!

    2. In truth, I am not at all on track. But I am being honest with myself and what I need to do...and I am headed in the right direction!


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