It's Here (and it's FREE)! Time to Party

Looks like the Tuesday Trend of posting about Book news is continuing! ENIGMA is out and available as a FREE download from Smashwords. Hopefully the other sites will pick it up soon. To get you in the mood, listen to the music on this video - this is particularly powerful when reading the book (and yes, I orchestrate my books - I am, after all, an orchestra geek!)

This music captures the intensity and "vibe" of the short completely.

For those who don't know, Enigma is a companion short to the Requiem Series (and yes, I am considering a spin off series. EEP!). Here is the blurb:
Lorelei sees things other girls can't see. She knows about the demons and monsters. She's met them. Up close. And it's cost her everything.
Torn between protecting her siblings and avenging her mother's death, Lorelei must decide which path she will take. And no matter what she chooses, her decision will influence more than just her future.
**This edition of the requiem companion novella includes a special excerpt from the anticipated book Dominus, the final installment in the Requiem Series. 

As I said, there is a special snippet of Dominus, the final book in the Requiem series, at the end of this download. 

I am SO DARN excited to celebrate the release of both Enigma and Dominus (coming this summer) that I decided to offer a giveaway to celebrate Enigma, Dominus and yes, the Girl Guide. So, this week's giveaway features a finished copy (ebook) of Dominus and a PRINT copy of the Girl Guide. Enter the rafflecopter below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Thanks for all of your support and I hope you enjoy Enigma!


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