Coming Up For Air...Almost

Hi everyone! I've been knee deep in rewrites all weekend and am just coming out of the cave for the day job. Two more days and I'll be hitting send on this project. I can't wait. For whatever reason, this one was tough. But so were the last many it's just the balancing of work and writing that has been difficult of late.

My next project is fiction. I'll admit, after a five month break from fiction, I am truly looking forward to jumping back into my imaginary worlds. I have another tight timeline on this one, aiming to finish rewrites in near-record time again. Then it's break time.

A real break. A long break.

June represents the first time in a couple of years that I have no deadlines looming. It also represents a month of change as some things come to an end and I look forward to a few new adventures.


I can make it one more month at this pace, right? <Say right!>

What are you guys up to? 

PS - Enigma is out TOMORROW and it is not too late to help me spread the word. Just sign up here and I will send you a special thank you when Dominus is released! 


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