And the Fun Begins (with a giveaway)

As promised, I am back to a regular blogging schedule starting today. That means you can expect to see me between 4 and 5 days/week around here. I know, shocking!

Today, I wanted to give you all a heads up about a little pre-launch promotion I am doing for the Girl Guide. In six short weeks the book will hit the shelves. And not just the online shelves, but brick and mortar too...

I am so excited to share this with everyone. So, to build a little buzz and hopefully get you all excited too, I thought I would have a weekly giveaway leading up to the big release. Every Monday I will post a NEW giveaway, featuring book swag, ebooks from some of the BEST INDIE AUTHORS EVER, and more...

Here is a glance at the prize list:
  • April 1 - Girl Guide book jacket print and an ebook of Open Minds
  • April 8 - Girl Guide book jacket print, swag, an an ebook of How to Date an Alien
  • April 15 - Girl Guide T-shirt (IT IS SO FREAKING AWESOME), book swag and an ebook of The Truth About faking
  • April 29 - Girl Guide T-shirt, Girl Guide Journal, Book swag,  and an ebook of Tangled Tides
  • May 6 - Girl Guide T-shirt, Journal, Swag, annotated Galley of The Girl Guide, and an ebook of A Spy Like Me
  • May 13 - A print copy of The Girl Guide, Girl Guide t-shirt, swag, and an ebook of the Blood and Snow series

Pretty fun, yes!

So let's get things started with today's giveaway, featuring the fabulous cover from The Girl Guide, autographed just for you, and an ebook of Open Minds by Susan Kay Quinn. Entering is easy - just complete the rafflecopter form below:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Still don't know about the Girl Guide? Here is some of the early feedback on the book:

  • "The Girl Guide is a game-changer and should be in every girl's backpack." ~ Ali Cross, author of the Desolation series
  • "The perfect remedy for a world obsessed with airbrushed perfection. A must read for every girl who has ever wondered what it means to be strong. Girls who can find beauty and strength within should be--and can be--the new normal, and The Girls' Guide is there to show the way." ~ Danyelle Leafty, author of The Fairy Godmother Dilemma series
  •  "I grew up on "Chicken Soup For the ____ Soul" books... This is kinda that "type" of book but more modern, and to me, more useful." ~ Kayla Shirley, Blogger
This book is so important to me and I LOVE the reactions!

I am even more thrilled to  share an excerpt from the book today. Click here to read a sample.  You'll not only see the content, but the stunning interiors Prufrock did for me!!!

So join the fun and enter the contest today! 

Oh, and if you want to get your hands on a PRINT arc of the book now, just jump on over to Adventures in YA and Children's Publishing. I am hanging out talking about story openings - and yes, they are giving away an arc. EEP!!!!
So Much Fun!


  1. So excited for you! This story sounds so awesome, and like a story girls will fall all over. Congratulations!

  2. I actually have 2 of your other books downloaded on my kindle :) I didn't realize it until I pulled up the blog right now! Congratulations on this book as well!


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