The Girl Guide is Coming!

Wow! This week has zoomed past me. I really haven't been around much, and I hate that. The good news, my life will start easing up soonish....more or less.
But that is a blog for another day.
Today, I want to talk about the Girl Guide and share a little news...

The Girl Guide, for those who don't know, is my upcoming self-help book for teen girls coming May 1 from Prufrock Press (distributed by Sourcebooks). Yes, that is not a typo...the book was moved from April 1 to May 1. Some of this is due to an increase in orders, so it is a good thing!
There is another good thing too....unlike my other nonfiction books that have a narrower market, The Girl Guide, Finding Your Place in a Mixed Up World is not limited to issues facing gifted girls. Nope! It covers all girls! And, this is also my first book to have e-arcs on net galley, to be featured in the PW Spring Children's Book issue and be picked up by Barnes and Noble. 


Here is some of the early feedback on the book:

  • "The Girl Guide is a game-changer and should be in every girl's backpack." ~ Ali Cross, author of the Desolation series
  • "The perfect remedy for a world obsessed with airbrushed perfection. A must read for every girl who has ever wondered what it means to be strong. Girls who can find beauty and strength within should be--and can be--the new normal, and The Girls' Guide is there to show the way." ~ Danyelle Leafty, author of The Fairy Godmother Dilemma series
  •  "I grew up on "Chicken Soup For the ____ Soul" books... This is kinda that "type" of book but more modern, and to me, more useful." ~ Kayla Shirley, Blogger
This book is so important to me and I LOVE the reactions!

I am even more thrilled to  share an excerpt from the book today. Click here to read a sample.  You'll not only see the content, but the stunning interiors Prufrock did for me!!!

To celebrate the upcoming release, I will be hosting a giveaway every week leading up to the release, giving away swag (including t-shirts just like the one on the cover), journals, and an annotated copy of the galley! Come back Monday for complete info. Or, sign up for my newsletter to make sure to don't miss out on the fun.


  1. YAY! So exciting, all of it! Congrats Christine!

  2. The book looks awesome, Christine! And with them pushing it back a month, it'll give you more time to generate buzz. I hope this sells tons.

  3. My Chipmunk is young, only 8 years old, and it is a daily struggle as her mother to remind her of her beauty from within so she doesn't focus on becoming, well, not herself. This sounds like a book I'll need to get a hold of and keep handy for her as she grows from being a "big (little) girl" to a bigger girl to a young lady.


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