Tell the Truth Tuesday - On Being Fried....

So, it's been a week since I last posted. OOPS! That was not my intent. I was actually thinking I would post every day this week. Not only that, but I would get myself back on track to regular posts.

Not so much.

In truth, since this is a "tell the truth" Tuesday post, I am FRIED. Not a little fried, either - majorly fried. And in every aspect of my life.

Part of this has to do with my release schedule at the end of nearly killed me.

But, really, that isn't the reason. The writing is a good thing for me - a healthy thing. It rejuvenates even when I am swamped.

No, the reason is my real life. The day job took more from me than I had planned when I accepted it. And my home life has just been busy (trust me, raising teenage daughters is NOT for the faint of heart). No matter how you slice it, I am fried.

And a funny little thing happens when I am fried - the feeling bleeds into all aspects of my life. I start doubting my abilities in writing and at work. I start eating junk, piling on weight, not engaging in the healthy things that keep me sane.

And yes, that has been my life for the past 6 - 9 mos.

But, not any more. Nope. There is a happy ending to this tale of being fried.

Spring Break is around the corner. I have again been writing, finishing up a couple of projects under deadline. I am back to my daily meditations, and back to reading books that serve to heal. I am making my surroundings a haven once more, enjoying the beautiful Spring weather and working on my attitude.

I am coming back to life.

Hopefully this will mean blogging more, writing more, and enjoying things once again.

I am not surprised at the momentary burn-out. Everyone goes through this sooner or later, especially artists - people with a level of intensity and passion that they continuously give more of themselves then they should, allowing their personal reserves to get too low. I am just glad I eventually recognized it all...

Have you gone through burnout?


  1. Hope the Spring Break and everything else you're doing helps. I've always worked full-time and my daughter keeps me busy with swimming. So I can totally relate to the burned out feeling and not taking care of myself. Like you, I always come back to my writing, reading and healthy habits and feel better for it. Looking forward to Spring Break next week too. I have a 4 day weekend and don't have to get up so early next week because there's no school. Can't wait.


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